About Us

Justin Roylance – A die-hard motorsport fan from his teenage years, Justin Roylance has been involved in a variety of disciplines over the years as a competitor, an engineer and an official.

Initially involved in drag racing in a car of his own design, Justin moved to V8 Superboats in 2012 and was immediately competitive, although like most new recruits to the sport, he very quickly found the limit of adhesion, and on the odd occasion.. his head!

Since then a sporadic couple of years outside the boat to focus on family and business saw him move to the administration of the sport to assist its growth and progress, using many of the skills he has developed in business and through his time in Drag Racing.

For season 2016, Justin again turned his hand to driving, in a season which saw the introduction of a new boat, a new powerplant and a new team. That provided a steep learning curve, a learning curve which delivered a class podium at seasons end.

Always a popular character in the pits, Justin is always quick to lend a hand and an ear to assist competitors and the committee of the Australian Formula Jet Sprint Association for which he is a committed member, however it is his commitment to driving which will see him start season 2017 as one of the 400-Class favourites.

What is V8 Superboats

V8 Superboats is ‘grass-roots’ motorsport at its most addictive.. Imagine 0-140kph in under 2-seconds – on water.. Competing in channels no deeper than 1.5-metres and on courses that negotiate islands at up to 5Gs is a spectacle to behold, but whilst the skills of the drivers competing on these courses at break-neck speeds is impressive, so too are the out of water incidents that occur with great regularity when they over-step the limits of grip and gravity..

V8 Superboats compete in two distinctly different classes on a circuit that navigates around a sequence of islands. The basis of the competition is that the fastest team wins through a series of qualification races and then elimination finals against the clock – Top 12 becomes Top 6, and then a Top 3 final.

Unlimited Superboats is for the ‘open’ class boats where just about anything goes. Twin-turbo, supercharged and naturally aspirated V8 powered machines with as much as 1800-horsepower compete regularly at every event. Some of these machines are worth more than a quarter of a million dollars.

The 400-Class (also recognised as International Group A), sees drivers compete in technically identical 400-cubic-inch naturally-aspirated V8s (ie no forced induction with turbo-chargers or superchargers is allowed). This category relies on skill and finesse as most boats have almost identical horsepower (around 700bhp), so drivers are on the absolute limit every lap.

Boats negotiate islands in a set rotation over a lap of around 45-seconds, so navigation is critical – one error in direction and the time is negated which depending on whether it is a final or not, could end your event on the spot!

Passion and emotion

Motorsport is driven by passion.. Not just the passion of the competitors, but the passion of the fans. V8 Superboats is a spectacle of sheer aggression, and for the uninitiated, it promotes both awe and admiration amongst fans due to the sheer speed and power that Superboats promote.

Typically, since Roman times arenas promoted human endeavour for all to see, and in a not too dissimilar situation, V8 Superboats compete in their own arena in front of a crowd that can feel the emotion, and watch the action all unfold right in front of them..

V8 Superboat fans are as passionate about their sport and live every lap with the drivers, and feel every incident as if they were sitting their right inside the boat.

They may only be small in number due to the location of many of the circuits in regional areas of New South Wales, however there is no denying the spectacle, nor the fact that as their reputation grows, so too does the number of fans attending every event,

About V8 Superboats

V8 Superboats is one of the most spectacular forms of the sport on the planet.

Just imagine 1600-horsepower in a purpose-built aluminium boat that can accelerate to 120kph in under 2-seconds, and turn with the kinds of G-forces usually only experienced by fighter pilots..

Now consider that you can strap into the passengers seat for the ride of your life, and experience this heart stopping action yourself for what is often described as the greatest adrenaline rush you can have.

Justin Roylance and his team have shown themselves to be more than capable contenders for the tightly controlled, but super-fast International Group A category – also known as 400 Class in reference to their 400-cubic inch V8 powerplants. Apart from their unquestionable speed in the closely matched category, Roylance – as a successful business-owner in regional NSW – understands the value that V8 Superboats brings his commercial partners, and he’d like to present an opportunity to take advantage of that experience.